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PachaPacha Sharm has a unique cosmopolitan charm thanks to its vibrant mix of cultures and countries, all blended with the positive energy of an open-air venue. The club is a fusion of modern of nightclub design and Arabesque architecture mirroring images from 1001 Arabian Nights. The dancefloor is surrounded by domed white roofs and terraces for VIP tables; you can even reserve a private balcony with personal salon and bathrooms. Enjoy its swimming pools, foam parties, and alternative hide-aways such as the Bus Stop, where you may even find live music bands. Pacha Nightclub Hotel is a unique experience. The Hotel’s bedrooms and suites are part of the nightclub and from their terraces clients can enjoy the whole audiovisual scene in a very special VIP way. The Hotel offers 24 hour entertainment. Enjoy the Pacha Boat during the day with sunshine and music along the Red Sea!