SharmPRO LiveCam & Weather Station

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Lat: N 27 ° 52 ' 13 '' ( 27.870 ° )
Lon: E 34 ° 18 ' 6 '' ( 34.302 ° )
Elevation: 30 mt
Data updated every 15 minutes.

SharmPRO LiveCam & Weather Station

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SharmPRO LiveCam & Weather Station

The Objective

Provide a live broadcasting service for images and data representing the actual local conditions.

The Goal

Broadcast a set of images representing the actual local weather data in a graphic format (e.g.. weather data and Logo as background) and current images (time stamped) of the locations, even underwater.
Images that can easily embedded on existing website pages with automatic timeout refresh.
Fully upgradable service up to real streaming.
Branded Gadgets and Applications for different platforms to show the image / data collected

The Solution

Automatic Weather Station with wireless remote sensors

Wireless IP webcam / Cabled underwater webcam
Permanent Internet service
Access Point / Router accessible from wireless webcam
PC Windows XP or Windows 7 as local server for data collection and redirection
Remote server for data & image manipulation
Integation of data & images into existing website pages
Creation of free branded Gadgets & Apps for different platforms
Data published on on major search engines and linked to weather, maps and live imagery sites

Data shared with

Google Maps Rete Meteo Caput Frigoris AWEKAS Automatic Weather Map System   and more…

SharmPRO Advertising & Web solutions

Our Company

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SharmPRO is based in Sharm el Sheikh, Sinai, Egypt. We combine the growing demand on information through the internet with the local environment. The Sinai is connected since 1996 to the internet and has in this time gone through, like all the industry, huge developments. In the meantime ASDL and WIFI are available in almost all coffee shops.

People are, for private or business reasons, found with there laptop checking the business emails, chatting with friends, buying online goods or just surf through the wide range of products offered. We serve the local market with custom made web solutions, online advertisement, web applications and all kind of software services.

Working for the computer industry since more than 20 years, we are surprised about the many "specialists" in the area. Yes, it is easy to create a basic website, but consider that your website is the image of your company. Big companies employ full teams of webmasters, to maintain their professional look. So, invest in a professional site.

SharmPRO Advertising & Web solutions

Sharm El Sheikh
South Sinai, Egypt
Phone: +20 (0)106 7103919

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